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Rate Card

This rate card is for add-on services on top of a 3D tour or showcase purchase

2D Images

Don't waste time or money trying to take good snapshots with your smartphone, we can provide you with 1920 x 1080 resolution photos for your listings or posts on social media. (samples)

$2 each, minimum purchase 10. 

CoreVR Experience

A Virtual Reality experience for your audience with VR goggles for either Android or iOS. 

A true 3D Virtual Tour.

FREE with EVERY 3D tour purchase.

Highlight Reel

When used together with your 2D images, it offers a filmstrip at the bottom of your 3D tour. And your audience can jump directly to a specific location by clicking on an image in the reel. 

$25 for up to 15 positions

Image Tags

Image tags are a great way to highlight features, add context, links, video, audio, embedded into your tour. You can engage directly with your audience. 

$5 each, minimum purchase 5. 

Schematic Floor Plans

Let us provide you with a full marketing package by rendering you a traditional, detailed 2D black and white floor plan of your property. We will label all spaces and have it delivered within 2 days.


$50 for up to 15 positions. 

360° Views

360° Views gives you the chance to capture sweeping outdoor imagery to include as part of your 3D tour. This feature really rounds out your audience's experience. 

$25 for up to 10 positions. 

The "Drone Shot"

This add-on includes several high quality still images and a short 4K video clip. This perspective offer a bird's eye view of your subject and an opportunity to highlight the immediate area. 

$75 for fully processed still images & video clip. 

Import File Bundle

for Architecture, Engineering

and Construction

We can create an import file bundle for third party programs (3ds, Revit, AutoCAD, etc.) 


for Point Cloud, Reflected ceiling and high resolution floor plan

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