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Open House To Do list

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

What's wrong with the photo above?

Preparing a home for an #openhouse is much the same as preparing for our #photoshoot. It’s a vital step to get the most out of your effort. Since your photo shoot will happen before your open house, it's a great "dry run". Just like your prospective buyers, it’s important to remember that our cameras take highly detailed 4K quality images. Viewers will be able to walk through your entire home and zoom in quite closely with great detail, so you want to be a thorough as possible when it comes preparing a home for a photo shoot and eventually an open house.

Below is a short list to help you and your seller prepare a home for our photo shoot.

1. Make a grand entrance. We shoot our tours from the perspective of someone walking through your home. Make the view from the front door as welcoming as possible.

2. Clear out any clutter. Stacks of CDs or magazines are typical when you live at home, but remember that you want people viewing your home to imagine themselves, living there.

3. Clean up all rooms. All rooms should appear to not look lived in. Bedrooms should have fresh linens, nothing on any desk, no personal photos on display and no food out in the kitchen.

4. Mix it up a bit. Try and give the impression of space. Our cameras take photos from a wide focal length, so take advantage of that and pull furniture away from walls to highlight floor space.

5. Look up and down. Try and clean any spots on rugs and missing floor tile. While you’re looking down, look up too, replace any missing moldings and touch up and water spots on the ceiling.

6. Decorate your walls. If you have to remove family photos, diplomas, religious articles, or other personal items, replace them some other piece of art. Prints are relatively inexpensive, but they will have a valuable impact in your photos.

7. Furnish your home for living. An empty home does not look lived in and requires a prospective buyer to imagine how furniture will fit in your home. Rent, borrow, or buy some furniture to fill your home.

8. It’s the time of the season. Decide what season you plan on marketing your home and add details to your home to highlight it; pillows, flowers, duvet covers, these all bring the season into your home, and make it…homey. At the time of your open house, find natural and authentic ways to bring the aromas of the season into your home as well.

9. Tidy up, in and out. If we are shooting an outdoor area, a front yard, backyard, patio, pool area; make sure it’s clear of leaves, toys are put away,

10. Lights, camera… Highlight your home with light. Make sure no light bulbs are out and spots are directed properly. We will shoot your home with only natural and ambient lights, so use them if you’ve got them.

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