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Success in Customer Engagement

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Welcome. I'm Nate Rudy, and this is the blog for my company Terra Altus Photo Services.

My resume includes years of demonstrated success in both business to business as well as business to consumer sales and marketing. I pride myself on my credentials, as these experiences not only formed who I am today but also provided me a journal for improvement along the my path to success.

At my core, I am a husband and father, I am also fortunate enough to also enjoy sharing my talents as a musician and photographer, with others.

While I can say that I have enjoyed what I call success with my music, I've always sought a way to take my love for photography and use it to both benefit others as well as myself for financial benefit, like the old saying goes: "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life". So when I came across the 360° photos and 3D tour technology, it immediately got me thinking and after exhaustive research and testing I am proud to now offer my 3D tour services to others.

#3Dtours are a very powerful technology that can be used across many different business types both as a marketing and record keeping tool.

Brick and Mortar Retail - We create a 3D tour that you can embed on your website and also post it up on #GoogleMaps. Imagine someone searches up your #retailstore on Google, click on Google Street View and can then wall into your store. - people that spend time on a store's website are more likely to visit a brick and mortar location.

Real Estate - Nothing drives sellers to #commercial and #residential #realtors more than marketing services. We can create a 3D virtual tour for your seller's listing, that is immersive, informative and engaging. Listings with 3D tours get 3X more engagement and lead to more showings. You'll attract more listings with our services and more buyers with your listings.

Hospitality - #cateringhalls, #nightclubs, display your location to potential clientele, let them see what you have to offer!

Food Service - A full walk through of your dining room; place your menu up as a pop up, or have you customers click through your tour to order online! A new path to #marketing your #restaurant online.

Medical - Nothing can ease the stress of going to see a #physician more than knowing what to expect. We can design an immersive #doctorsoffice tour that can put kids and new patients at ease.

Construction - We can provide "existing conditions" tours for #construction sites, on call. Our rapid service can deliver a completed tour within 24 hours, that you can share with lenders, investors, engineers or prospective buyers!

Insurance Adjustment - We shoot our 3D tours with 143 megapixel cameras, we provide a fine amount of detail that is extremely useful in this manner. We offer subscription services for this purpose.

So you can see what excited me so much about this technology.

I'm keeping this blog for a host of uses, but mostly because the more I can learn with every 3D tour I create the more information I can share with others and help them benefit from the tech!

So please stay tuned, I promise not to bore you and I also promise that if you engage in any of the businesses I mentioned above, I'll share SOME useful information to help you along your journey.

Matterport 3D Pro2 scanned 3D tour

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