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This blog post was written back in August of 2021, why I didn't post it, I don't recall. Perhaps business just got too busy. But in retrospect it was a portent of what was to come if you ask me. With the real estate market in flux as it is today, the importance of this subject is even more critical. So read this post, but read my most recent post as well...

I want to start this post by saying that it’s a blatant self promotional post. Now that we got that out of the way, I want to touch on the importance of putting a seller or landlords best interests first over profits. Why is this critical? Today‘s real estate market is frenetic, more frenetic than normal in fact. Given the low interest rates, the Exodus of city dwellers looking for anything with a patch of grass and the general desire to move on, sellers are finding little problem selling their homes for asking, and sometime above that! This market obviously puts listing agents at an advantage. Buyers willing to buy a home will build interest in a property over a telephone call, if they know it’s available and within their price range. So why should a listing agent want to lay out money for a professional photo shoot to spotlight the property? In a strong sellers market, the importance falls on getting the property to market quickly, not staging the spaces or the use of high end marketing tools; they’re not needed when it’s a buying frenzy, right?


So why not just snap some quick shots with your iPhone so you can get it listed ASAP? The short answer is; best practices. To a listing agent or realtor, a seller has a very common commodity, a house. They’ve seen many before this seller’s house and will likely see more after it. But to the homeowner it’s not just a house, it’s their home and they’re typically very proud of it. When deciding on which realtor to work with, homeowners will scan the market, social media, zillow, etc. They will look for homes that are similar to theirs, their area, their price range and even similar decor! If they see a listing with poor quality photos, they’re not likely to consider wanting their home to be represented in that way. If they see a home with well framed and properly exposed and processed images along with other digital features like 3D virtual tours or drone images, they will be likely to consider that real estate agent to represent their home since they will have it looking its best.

So it’s important for realtors and listing agents to stick to a script when it comes to listings. That means always using quality marketing tools, in both a buyers AND a sellers market. To many, you’re only as effective as your last sale, if you put your best foot forward on today‘s listing it will help you earn tomorrow’s.

CONTINUITY is as important to a buyer as it is to a seller. Sellers look to it as a means of identifying an agent that cares enough, knows the ropes and leverages technology to show their home in the best light. Buyers look to it as a means of considering every home you may show them rather than focusing on the ones with the pretty pictures and simply ignoring the ones with the poorly shot photos.

We will work with our clients to assure them that our photos will reflect the home in its best light and at the same time we wont charge an arm and a leg for the privilege.

But considering that each home you sell is your calling card for your next listing its an investment in your future business as well.

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